Custom Artwork

Creating Custom Artwork

I light up with the opportunity to create custom artwork for clients. It am always honored to collaborate with a client and create a one of a kind piece of artwork that is tailored to their style, personality and home. A client will view my work to see if my style fits their taste. We then have a conversation about size, color and placement of the artwork.  I like to visit the client in their home to get a feel for their personality, to take pictures of the space and glean any information that would help to inspire the piece I will be creating for them. I then return to my studio, with photos and ideas in hand, and begin to create "sketches" or preliminary ideas for the piece.  Once I feel complete with the sketches, I then go back to the client to discuss any changes, additions or refinements that need to be made. After reworking the piece the client will give me their approval. After the approval I then can move forward and create the final artwork.  The most exciting part is bringing the finished piece to the client and the client enjoying their original artwork for years to come.


I work with individuals to create one of a kind custom artwork for your home. Inquire here to learn more.